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Time is money.  The majority of Americans in this country are in the middle class with children to feed, a mortgage, at least one car payment, and credit card debts.  The majority of the clients coming into our office represent middle America.  Even our high net worth clients do not want to spend their disposable income on attorney fees, and they tell us they do not appreciate the costs of hiring lawyers.  We know this, so we don't waste time, and we don't like to waste our client's money.

Divorce.  Custody battle.  Fighting over large retirement funds or pots and pans. Whether the issues are big or small, they are issues that cause you heartache and stress.  Those issues also cause us stress as well, because we take our clients as we find them.  Most of our clients are good wonderful human beings who have been side-swiped by a lawsuit that hits them where it hurts the most - their heart, their children, their pocket book. By the time the clients reach our doorstep, they are in pain and exhausted - emotionally and psychologically.  We see and feel this, and because we deal with the legal and emotional issues day in and day out, we've developed a philosophy and a system on how to deal with family law cases.  It involves resolving your issues quickly and as efficiently as possible.  

You come to us with a family law problem, whether it's child custody or dividing property or both.  We provide you with options on how to approach your case.  We break it down to you on what the costs are expected to be.  We don't make guarantees on costs because we will tell you that it's the party who drives the costs of the case.  Sometimes, it's also the attorney representing the party who creates unnecessary costs of litigation.

We won't know who is causing problems or costing you money until we hear the facts in your case.  We will listen to your side of the story.  We will tell you that there are at least 2 sides to every story.  We will learn about who's representing the other side, and then we will provide you with some scenarios based upon what we have learned about the other side.  We also discuss your expectations and your objectives.  

Helene Parker gets to the point.  We believe in transparency.  It shows in the detailed invoices to our clients.  We will keep the costs down for you as much as possible and within our control.

Experience.  Responsibility.  Transparency.  Competency.  We will help you navigate the process of divorce quickly, and efficiently, and facilitate your path to a new chapter in your life.

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The majority of people who initiate divorce, child custody, and other family law proceedings don't know what to expect. If you have any questions about any aspect of these processes, contact us today.

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