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Case Results

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    • 02-16-00426-CV; In the Interest of Z.N., N.D., and J.N., Children Judgment affirmed.

      Mother appealed from Trial Court's decision to terminate her parental rights for failure to comply with her CPS service plan. Mother's appeal deemed frivolous.

    • Hardwick v. Hardwick, No. 02-15-00325 (2nd Dist. Ft. Worth, 2016) Memo. Op. Motion for Continuance. Sworn to and verified

      Memorandum opinion from Court of Appeals, 2nd District, Texas, No. 02-15-00325-CV, Hardwick v. Hardwick. Husband filed motion for continuance at the morning of final trial. District Court Judge denied motion. Case tried. Husband appealed, arguing that Court should have continued the trial to allow him additional time. COA affirmed trial court's ruling. Helene represented Wife.

    • In Re W.H., No. 02-12-00370-CV, (2nd Dist., Fort Worth, 2012) Pet. Denied. Court denied Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus

      Father filed Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus, appealing trial court's decision to incarcerate him for non-payment of child support. He appealed to 2nd Court of Appeals. COA denied. He appealed to Texas Supreme Court.

    • In Re W.H. Relator, NO. 02-12-00370-CV, Court of Appeals, 2nd District, FW. Delivered: 09/17/2012. May result in contempt finding and incarceration

      Father appealed trial court's finding of contempt for his failure to attend counseling sessions as court ordered Trial court ordered father incarcerated. Father appealed ruling to 2nd District Court of Appeals in Fort Worth. Helene represented Mother.

    • Vasconcelos v. Batista Hague Convention - Age & Maturity Exception

      Father filed Petition under Hague Convention, seeking return of child to Brazil, alleging that Mother unlawfully abducted the child from Brazil. Father filed Petition with U.S. District Court, Northern District. Trial held. District Court ruled that the well-settled exception under the Hague Convention applied, and denied Father’s petition. Father appealed the U.S. District Court’s finding that the child was well-settled in the United States. Father appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit. Court of Appeals affirmed District Court’s decision, finding that the age and maturity exception under the Hague Convention applied.