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Having to fight for custody of your children is one of the most stressful challenges life can present. Whether you are seeking custody for the first time in a divorce or paternity dispute, seeking enhanced custody or decision-making rights, or seeking to enforce an existing custody order, we know that you want an attorney that will fight for what’s best for you and your child. As an experienced Lewisville child custody lawyer, Ms. Parker knows what it takes to win a custody case or establish certain decision-making rights and enforce existing custody orders in the Texas courts.

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About Texas Child Custody (Conservatorship) Orders

In Texas, child custody is referred to as “conservatorship.” Conservatorship is a legal term used in Texas that grants a parent or guardian “decision-making” rights. In conservatorship cases, the Texas courts hear evidence pertaining to the best interests of the child and grant custody based on this standard. This is true even where the child is of adequate age (twelve years or older) to express his or her wishes to the court.

A conservatorship order will typically either:

  • Grant sole custody to one parent or another suitable family member, giving that person exclusive custody and decision-making rights with regard to the child;
  • Grant joint custody, giving the parents equal custody and decision-making rights; or,
  • Grant joint custody, but give one parent greater custody and decision-making rights than the other.

Seeking Modification of Texas Child Custody (Conservatorship) Orders

When circumstances change such that the best interests of the child are no longer being served under current custody arrangements, concerned parents – and in appropriate cases, other relatives – have the right to seek modification of the court’s conservatorship order. A modification proceeding can either be consensual (if both parents agree that the child’s best interests would be served under an alternate arrangement), or adversarial (if only one parent seeks modification). Common bases for seeking modification of Texas conservatorship orders include:

  • Mutual consent and acknowledgment of material and substantial change in circumstances affecting one of the parents or the child
  • Allegations of mental or physical abuse
  • The child’s living environment has become dangerous
  • The primary conservator has relinquished custody for at least six months

It is important to note that parents and relatives should not seek to “modify custody” by simply altering the child’s living arrangement. Doing so will likely be a violation of the court’s conservatorship order, and may make it much more difficult to obtain legal custody. Lewisville child custody lawyer Helene Parker is experienced in representing parents seeking modification of Texas conservatorship orders and can help you establish evidence of changed circumstances and present your case for modification to the court.

Seeking Enforcement of Texas Child Custody (Conservatorship) Orders

If your former spouse or companion is refusing to honor the terms of your conservatorship order, our firm can represent you in court to seek enforcement of your custody and decision-making rights. In some cases, depending on the specific facts of your case, our petition for enforcement of custody rights will also include a request for modification.

Visitation and Child Support

Visitation rights and child support rights are addressed separately from conservatorship (child custody). If your custody rights are being violated, you must still respect any visitation and child support orders as they currently exist. Failure to do so could result in a finding of contempt, making it more difficult for you to obtain modification of custody.

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