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Domestic Partnership Dissolution

End Your Domestic Partnership with a Capable Lewisville Divorce Lawyer

A domestic partnership dissolution addresses property division and child-related issues just like a divorce, and it can (and should) be used regardless of whether the parties ever entered into a formal domestic partnership agreement.

Helene Parker is a knowledgeable and compassionate Lewisville family law attorney who is experienced in representing parties to domestic partnership dissolutions in Denton, Lewisville, and Flower Mound. If you are going through a domestic partnership dissolution, she can help make sure that your rights and assets are protected, and that the interests of your children are properly served.

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Property Division in Domestic Partnership Dissolutions

As a result, former domestic partners are not bound by “community property” rules must use alternative means to establish the division of their joint property. If the parties have a formal domestic partnership agreement in place this will often serve as the starting point for allocation of property rights; however, it is virtually impossible to predispose of all of the issues that come into play in even relatively simple property divisions.

Thus, regardless of the circumstances, it will generally be in your best interests to hire a knowledgeable Texas family lawyer to advise you with regard to your property division.

Child Custody, Visitation, and Support in Domestic Partnership Dissolutions

If you and your former partner have adopted children, then you will also need to address custody, visitation, and child support issues in connection with your domestic partnership dissolution.

Mediation and Litigation of Disputes in Texas Domestic Partnership Dissolutions

If you and your former partner are unable to reach an agreement as to property division or any child-related issues, then you will need to resort to mediation or litigation to finalize your domestic partnership dissolution. We provide potent and effective advocacy on behalf of our clients in dispute resolution proceedings. Helene Parker is an experienced Texas mediation lawyer who can help couples try to resolve their differences out of court.

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  • “She is the only attorney I would recommend to anyone that needs a family lawyer.”


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