Practice Areas

Ms. Parker has represented clients or mediated cases in the following areas of family law for over 23 years:

Adoption: parent-child, adult adoption, grandparents adoptions, same-sex adoptions.

Child Protective Services (CPS): representing the parent or other relatives in CPS cases; representing the child(ren) as an Attorney Ad Litem or an Amicus Attorney; mediator in CPS cases.

Divorce: no fault or fault-based; military divorces; restraining orders or protective orders in family violence matters.

Child Support and Medical Support: establishing, modifying, enforcing child support orders; confirmation of child support arrearages.

Child Custody: establishing or modifying custody orders.

Hague Convention (international child abduction) cases: consulting attorney; mediator; representing or defending the parent.

Visitation: establishing or modifying visitation orders.

Paternity: establishing the parent-child relationship, including rights and duties under the Texas Family Code.

Property Division: reimbursement claims, tracing of separate property, division of retirement accounts, including military retirement, domestic relations orders.

Registration of Foreign Orders in compliance with the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA); modifying or enforcing UIFSA orders.

Spousal support: establishing, modifying, or enforcing spousal support orders.

Termination of Parental Rights: representing the parent who seeks termination or the parent defending against termination; representing the child(ren) as an Attorney Ad Litem, Guardian Ad Litem. or an Amicus Attorney.

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